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The aims of CAWRA are:-

  • To bring together and foster understanding amongst community and residents of Cloverfield , The Willows and St. Andrews.
  • To provide a bridge between the community and relevant authorities
  • To access funding and facilities for the community
  • To enable residents to report via CAWRA common areas of concern or disruption within the community
  • The association cannot get involved in individual or personal concerns, click on the LINKS tab for websites that may be of assistance
 Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except August) at Cloverfield Community Church on Yarrow Close (IP24 2TZ) starting at 7:30pm .
Please join our facebook group

email cawrathetford@gmail.com
for details.

Future Meeting Dates :-

Thursday 16th May 2024
Thursday 20th June 2024

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Gardening and tidying takes place each Friday morning; weather permitting. Volunteers should contact CAWRA for current project and/or working area.
Next litter pick.
Friday 12th July
Meeting at Cloverfield Community Church at 10:30AM.
Special note if possible could you please bring your own gloves.
Please if possible let Rex know if you will be coming so we can organise the trolleys etc.

Your Committee

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Robert Whittaker
Rex Ingle
Litter Pick Coordinator

Janice Butler

 Local Thetford Castle Ward Councillors
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 Doug Jefferson
Thetford Town Council
dougjefferson@ thetfordtowncouncil.gov.uk
  Ann Blackbourn
Thetford Town Council
Breckland Council
ann. blackbourn@breckland.gov.uk
  Stuart Wright
Thetford Town Council
01842 754166

 Hazel McCambridge
Thetford Town Council
Breckland Council
hazel. mccambridge@breckland.gov.uk

County Councillors
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  Jane James
07747 132739

Who’s responsible … and for what …

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Thetford Town Council is responsible for :-
- Allotments
- Guildhall / Carnegie / St. Peter's Church
- Castle Street & Cage Lane Public Toilets
- Cleaning of the Bus Station toilets
- New litter & dog fouling bins

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Breckland District Council is responsible for :-
- Litter / Dog Fouling / Waste
- Abandoned vehicles
- Streetlighting
- Noise or nuisance
email: contactus@breckland.gov.uk
Tel: 01362 656870

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Norfolk County Council Highways Department
is responsible for :-
- Highways
- Potholes
- Paths & Underpasses
- Roads
- Street Lighting
- Thetford Bus Station Toilets Maintenance
email: information@norfolk.gov.uk
Tel: 03448 008020
 The council makes comments on all planning applications and - although Breckland District Council make the final decision – they do take any Parish Council’s views into account.
email: mail@thetfordtowncouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01842 754247

Links - Click on Logos below to go to web sites

  {short description of image}  Fix My Street -
Can be used to report items like street lights not working etc.

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 Write ToThem -
Enter your postcode for the contact details of local & national politicians.
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 Norfolk County Council -
Responsible for :- social services, trading standards, fire and rescue, transport and education
   {short description of image}  Concerned about scams?
Norfolk County Council has a webpage showing the latest scam alerts and contact details to report them.
   Breckland Logo  Breckland Council - Responsible for :-
Tax collection (Council Tax & Non-Domestic Rates)
Leisure Services
Refuse collection
Housing Planning
Arts & Entertainment
Environmental Health
Click on the logo on the left to go to the BDC webpage which links to all the particular departments to report on any of the above & more a very useful link as it covers a wide range of items.
   Thetford Town Council Logo  Thetford Town Council - Responsible for :-
local services, help and support for residents,
local businesses, organisations and events.
Also on the home page is a link to subscribe to the council email newsletter.
   CAB Logo  Citizens Advice Bureau:-
Able to advise on virtually any problem.
We particularly recommend them as a first point
of contact for personal problems.

Our Gratitude to the following

CAWRA is very grateful to the following for their kind and continuing active support:-

{short description of image} For allowing and encouraging our promotional days in their main store and for their generous ongoing working partnership in the CAWRA area