Community Garden Project

It is with great regret that the Community Garden project, based on the land adjacent to Cloverfield Church and Community Centre car park, will not now go ahead. This is because CAWRA has been unable to reach a grass-cutting agreement with the land owners, Breckland District Council across this 2,000 square meter area, an area which Breckland’s contractors Serco already cut. For CAWRA, as a not-for-profit association, purchase of large grass-cutting equipment and all the necessary insurances made that maintenance prohibitive.

In 2018 Thetford Town Council granted CAWRA £1,500 to assist with the overall project. As the project has been aborted this grant is being returned. CAWRA had requested that the grant could have been used for us to ‘beautify’ other areas of our area but unfortunately the Town Council rejected this request in order to spend the money on areas in the Town Centre instead.

Thanks go to everyone on the CAWRA team and residents who have given their efforts tirelessly in attempting to achieve these projects.

CAWRA does have other community projects scheduled for our area in autumn and winter this year namely the ‘Window Wonderland’ project (October/November), Carol Singing (December) and the Lantern Parade (January 2020). Some of these projects are now being adopted around the town, furthering the community spirit. Further details will be shown on the ‘Events section of this site.

Campion Road Wooden Bollards

Once again, CAWRA is grateful to Steve Hitchman of Breckland District Council and to Serco for resolving the fencing problem
at the bottom of Campion Road leading from Cloverfield on to The Willows.
8 new heavy-duty wooden bollards have been installed by Serco to replace the original broken fence, together with a new litter bin.
The bollards will halt any unauthorised vehicle access on to the green belt that divides Cloverfield and The Willows.
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The new CAWRA Gardening Group have recently received plant and bulb donations for the Bergamot Play Area project and some other CAWRA areas for which they are very grateful.

Many thanks go to Thetford Town Council, Thetford Rotary, Andy Temple, Councillor John Newton, Martin Fancourt & Felicity Gabriel

Any further donations are most welcome as are any volunteers who wish to join the group.

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New additions to the Bergamot Children’s Play Area.

Thetford Town Council, who own this play area, have kindly provided and installed two new heavy-duty notices at the entrances to the area (see pictures) after the original ones were mindlessly vandalised. The installation took place on April 4th, 2019. These notices remind residents and visitors that dogs are not allowed into the play area and ball games are also not allowed under any circumstances at any time. This is to protect children in the play area and CAWRA is very grateful to the Thetford Town Council Officers for their prompt actions in realising these important installations.

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Barriers on Green Area Adjacent to Bergamot Play Area

 Following continuing discussions with Breckland District Council Environment Officer Stephen Hitchman from March 2107, the damaged and rotten old fencing near to the Bergamot children’s play area on the Willows was replaced over a period of ten days in November 2017 by council contractors SERCO.
The old fencing had been subjected to being walked on and kicked over as the burial of the posts was quite shallow. The new 4” x 4” posts are securely installed 3 feet minimum in depth utilising heavy duty metal anchors and set into dense concrete.
As there are no connecting sections to walk on between the new posts they should easily outlast the previous ones which had been in situ since 2000.
Any tampering with the new posts will be prosecuted as criminal damage.
CAWRA’s thanks go to Mr Hitchman for maintaining the agreement to replace the old fencing and the SERCO team for a job well done!

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     Fencing Around Area Adjacent to Community Church (site for proposed Community Garden)

Breckland District Council assist CAWRA again. CAWRA are very grateful to Fiona Culshaw, Land Management Officer at Breckland DC for her very kind assistance and efficiency in realising the project to have the two unprotected borders surrounding the land area next to Cloverfield Church and Community Centre completed on 10th of April 2019 with the fencing. CAWRA would also like to thank Adrian Welsh of RFT / Flagship who made the installation, for a job extremely well done. We are receiving very favourable comments from residents and the area looks vastly improved already!

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 New Logo for CAWRA kids

CAWRA kids logo